5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Magazine Cover

The cover of your magazine or programme is one of the most important pages as it draws a reader in and captures their attention. Whether you’re designing a magazine cover or a cover page for a programme, follow these five design tips to make sure you are creating the perfect cover every time.

  1. Consistency is key

When designing your cover, keep in mind that each issue or programme should have the same design concept and style. You can play around with colour, images and fonts, but try to keep the overall feel and the layout the same so your readers can recognise your branding from a glance.

  1. Divide and conquer

Divide your cover into three sections. One section should be the biggest, with a main cover line that you want to draw your reader’s eye to. The second should be smaller with a few more cover lines and the smallest section should include the rest (and the least important) of the cover lines.

  1. Colour differences

Green is the least used colour on covers and red is the most used one. Whatever colour you decide on, make sure you have a contrast between the colours on your page to make it easy to read. It’s also important to use a different colour from the previous issue, to ensure readers are not confusing the new issue with the old.

  1. Model tips

If you’re having a cover model on your cover, make sure there is eye contact. This will help grab a reader’s attention. Whether you’re using stock images for a cover model or shooting your own images, make sure the background is a solid colour. Any patterns in the background will make your life difficult when designing the cover.

  1. Keep your audience in mind

Think about the people whose attention you are aiming to capture and find something that will attract those targeted audiences. Whether it’s a magazine or programme, your cover should immediately draw your readers in and make them want to turn the first page.

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